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Aimee Mann Art Gallery Show at City Winery

If you follow Aimee on Facebook of Instagram, then you already know that she is an avid artist and painter. Starting April 15th, for the first time Aimee will be displaying her paintings of Presidents and First ladies in her art show called "You Could Have Been a Roosevelt" at City Winery in New York City.  The original paintings will be on display and for sale in the venue's gallery. For those unfamiliar, purchasing artwork is very similar to purchasing an NFT, except you will actually own a one-of-a-kind physical thing that you can touch and hang in your living room or bedroom or anywhere you don't mind the piercing eyes of a dead president staring back at you.

“In 2013 my friend Tony Blinken went to work at the White House. He told me he needed art for his walls in his new office and I offered to paint him something. I was going to paint a portrait of Obama, but in a burst of some kind of superstitiousness, I didn’t want to paint a political figure I really believed in, and instead became obsessed with the idea of painting only the worst past presidents. For reference I found a list made by US News and World Report. I didn’t get to everyone on the list, and recently when I started painting again. I included some First Ladies (irrespective of their quality). For the record, Tony declined to have a portrait of Millard Fillmore on his wall, and I can’t say I blame him.” - Aimee Mann

The gallery showing will be during Aimee's performances at the City Winery, April 15-18 and can be viewed at other times when the gallery is open until May 1st 2022.



4/15/2022 	8:00 PM 	City Winery 	New York (NYC), NY 	 	 4/16/2022 	8:00 PM 	City Winery 	New York (NYC), NY 	 	 4/17/2022 	8:00 PM 	City Winery 	New York (NYC), NY 	 	 4/18/2022 	8:00 PM 	City Winery 	New York (NYC), NY 	 	 4/20/2022 	7:30 PM 	Ridgefield Playhouse 	Ridgefield, CT 	 	 4/21/2022 	8:00 PM 	Keswick Theatre 	Glenside, PA 	 	 4/22/2022 	8:00 PM 	The Academy of Music Theatre 	Northampton, MA 	 	 4/23/2022 	8:00 PM 	Chevalier Theatre 	Medford, MA 	 	 4/25/2022 	8:00 PM 	Birchmere 	Alexandria, VA 	 	 4/26/2022 	8:00 PM 	Birchmere 	Alexandria, VA 	 	 4/27/2022 	8:00 PM 	The Kent Stage 	Kent, OH 	 	 4/29/2022 	8:00 PM 	Old Town School of Folk Music 	Chicago, IL 	 	 4/30/2022 	8:00 PM 	Old Town School of Folk Music 	Chicago, IL 	 	 5/1/2022 	7:30 PM 	Fitzgerald Theater 	St. Paul, MN 	 	 5/2/2022 	7:30 PM 	Stoughton Opera House 	Stoughton, WI 	 	 5/4/2022 	7:00 PM 	Pabst Theatre 	Milwaukee, WI

 All dates subject to change, check local listings. 



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